Life On [The] Go


@ Bartlett 2017 [MArch]

Responding to the recent emergence of the ‘Digital Nomad Movement’ and omnivalent on-demand technologies, LOG is conceived as a branded range of mobile spaces that blur the boundary between domestic space, the city and the digital realm.


By speculating on a new kind of Deconstructed Domesticity, LOG proposes a digitally augmented interaction with architecture and home-products, where FOG [Fashion On The Go] wearable technologies are capable of fine-tuning environments in response to the biochemical oscillations of the user, in real time.


The proposal is integrated in the urban context of the city of London, where state-of-the-art mobile rooms replace disused retail space following the death of the high-street. The project anticipates a near-future where spatial linkages dissolve on a number of scales and new types of integrated domestic urban compositions emerge.